Collection of high speed video clips

April 4, 2008

So I got linked to the kernel popping, then accidently might have spent half an hour watching more clips. Have some of them for your watchings: 

Popcorn Kernel Popping:

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American Driving Fail

March 14, 2008

American Driving Fail

Download all your photos from Flickr

February 23, 2008

I use Flickr to store all of my photos, mainly because I use many PCs/laptop and I want to be able to access them from anywhere. I also don’t want to be responsible for looking after all my photos. (You can’t put them in a box like you could with prints 😉 )

I did however, want to keep a copy of them on my machine, mainly so I could sync them with my iPod. After a little Googling I found this script by mikecpeck on his Blog.

I keep this in XAMPP default folder on my Mac and run when needed 🙂

How do you pack a 130 pound deer into a BMW?

February 8, 2008

Fail Deer

225kph on the Autobahn…

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EU court says file sharers don’t have to be named

January 29, 2008


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Braveheart Warcry

Wi-Fi Detecting T-Shirt

January 19, 2008

This is quite possibly the coolest piece of clothing I’ve seen in a long time. You simply walk around with it on, and the bars change color to indicate Wi-Fi signal strength! Lets you know when you can whip out your latest pocket Wi-Fi device and start making your free phone calls 😉

Wi-Fi T-Shirt

OBVIOUSLY this can be bought from ThinkGeek. Reminds me of the T-Qualiser I bought Hooch for Christmas one year…


117 Awsome Wii skins and counting

January 18, 2008
A colleague of mine has just launched a website ram-packed with Wii Skins. He’s hired designers from around the world to come up with some fantastic artwork for the designs. Check out – it’s worth a look.
Retro Tetris Wii Skin