BBC Launches New Web 2.0 Ajax Homepage

December 14, 2007


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3 Way SLi with 8800 GTX and a 780i

October 16, 2007

3 x 8800 GTX
Intel QX6850
1 x nForce 780i Preview Board
Happy days for the gaming world!
Check out that ridiculous SLi bridge!

Game & Watch @ i30

April 8, 2007

Pigs can Fly @ i30

April 8, 2007

What people do with the poor Crucial Memory Pigs at i30

Cisco Local Director becomes a LAN Rig

March 31, 2007

Today we decied to take an old Cisco Local Director and convert it into a pimped out LAN rig for the upcoming i30. Someone I persuaded to come with us has an abysmally old PC so I said I’d see what I could sort for him.

The panel isn’t finished yet (it still needs cutting out and riveting down) but is made from the front of an old comms rack.

It’s made from parts left over from other builds. Spec is:

  • AMD Athlon 64 3200
  • 4 GB Corsair TwinX Pro
  • 2 x nVidia 7800GT in SLi
  • 80GB SATA2
  • A collection of random lights blagged from i29

The spec is nothing special, it’s just (I thought) a cool rebuild of some old kit! Hopefully I can blag and FX60 from another PC here before we go. Other than that I plan to add a slimline DVD drive (will need to cut a slot in the front) and a larger HDD, maybe raid as there is the space for them.

Before it looked like this, it contained a Pentium Pro, 32MB of Ram, and a 4MB ISA flash card.